Strategies for Refinishing Hardwood and Laminate Flooring

February 22, 2017


chicago hardwood refinishing and laminate flooring may be an awesome technique to save a ton of money. It truly is surely less costly than replacing these kinds of floors. Hardwood refinishing is much easier than laminate floor refinishing.

There's a difference between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. Hardwood is actual wood even though laminate is actually a image of wood on a melamine base. It is possible to not refinish hardwood floors and laminate floors the same way with no disastrous benefits.

Refinishing Laminate

Recommendations for refinishing wood flooring involve factors like employing a fine grain sand paper and choosing a matching stain that are all excellent guidelines, but they do not apply to laminate flooring. There's quite little space for error with laminate flooring, so utilizing sandpaper can be a no-no.

Refinishing laminate flooring is going to involve stain and a few sealer like clear polyurethane. If you endeavor to sand away at laminate flooring, you can undoubtedly sand in to the melamine (thick plastic like base).

The absolute ideal practice is prevention. It really is greater to treat the laminate with a clear major coat sealer to stop any harm to the floor than it truly is to make an effort to refinish the surface right after the harm is accomplished.

Refinishing Hardwood

chicago hardwood refinishing is actually lots simpler than it sounds. Suggestions for refinishing wood flooring incorporate working with the proper equipment. A great deal of men and women make the mistake of utilizing the wrong gear to attempt to get the job completed and just wind up frustrated.

There are a few factors that you simply need to have in your tool arsenal:

• Fine Grain Sandpaper 
• Sanding Machine (depending on the region to be refinished will dictate the size) 
• Cheese Cloth 
• Stain 
• Polyurethane 
• Protective Goggles 
• Rubber Gloves

It's essential to start having a clean surface, so you ought to vacuum the floor ahead of you start out the refinishing course of action (keep the vacuum out simply because you will need it again following sanding). The objective is always to take off the top layer devoid of gouging the wood, so you'll want to set the sander on low and take your time when you are sanding the wood floor.

After you evenly sand the entire area to become refinished, make use of the vacuum and rub more than the floor having a cheese cloth to make confident you do not leave behind any dust or dirt. Apply the stain, wait for 24 hours then apply the top rated coat or you could stain once more in the event you do not get the color you count on. It can be fairly basic to refinish a wood floor.

Ahead of you do anything, you have to ascertain the situation of your hardwood and laminate flooring and also the finish at the same time. Bear in mind that refinishing a hardwood floor is really a great deal of work and time-consuming. Hiring a refinisher might be a superior solution for you. Nonetheless, even if you decide on to let a pro manage your floors, it is possible to drastically reduced the cost by assessing your floor your self and performing the prep work so the pro can get ideal to work.


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